Birmingham, AL

About Us

FangCon is a convention to celebrate anthropomorphics and to benefit animals. It is a gathering of friends, and a great place to meet new people with similar interests, have fun, learn new things, and to relax and be yourself.

Our con has chosen to help Tiger Haven out as they can with Tiger Haven attending and providing a charity auction in which 100% of the proceeds raised benefit them.


FangCon was originally founded by a group of Tennessee furries from the forums. "Fang" originally stood for "Furry Anthropomorphic Nashville Gathering" but at the end of the con of the first year things could not be worked out with the hotel so a hunt was begun to find a new hotel. It was late in the year and Nashville search was futile.

Knoxville offered up a hotel location and now the N for Nashville was replaced is for kNoxville FangCon was held in Nashville for 3 years, growing in attendance each year. The convention adopted having events on Thursday and Mondays of the con weekend. At the end of the 4th year, the hotel balked at setting a date for the following year due to the local college schedule. This hotel and others waited till they booked their meeting space with pricier groups and fandom related cons were offered dates that they could not fill. A new hotel hunt was on.

Year 5 of Fangcon 2016 will be in Birmingham Al. A long hunt happened. Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga all were not able to offer a location so a move to AL happened to make sure there would be a con in the following year

We thank Brandon Lynx for reminding us to update this

Currently the only anthropomorphic convention located within the state of Tennessee, FangCon enjoys surroundings rich in culture and history.