Birmingham, AL


Tiger Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit sanctuary for large felines located near Knoxville in the city of Kingston. Lions, tigers, jaguars, leopads, and cougars are just some of the many types of big cats that call Tiger Haven home. In fact, all species of great cats except the cheetah can be found at Tiger Haven. Many of these magnificent animals were neglected or abused and can quickly run up costly veterinary bills. The large felines they take in are given a permanent home for life and are well cared for. They are not sold or given away, nor does Tiger Haven breed them. They are a no-kill shelter funded entirely by charitable donations.

Charity Auction

Help our charity by bringing items to the meet to put up for auction during the charity auction. Items will be collected throughout the weekend at the registration table. Feel free to bring as many items as you are able and are comfortable with donating. The auction will be open to all Fangcon attendees and all proceeds will go directly to this year's charity.

After making a winning bid at the auction, payment is required between then until just after the auction. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or check or credit cards.