Birmingham, AL

Dance Competition

Dance Competition

Your music must be no longer then 2 minutes you must contact KJ Nightwolf before October 12th 11:59pm Fangcon or DJ Charlie at the con to present your music. If you need to edit your music Charlie can assist you with that. You need to confirm with Charlie that he has your music.

If you have cues you want to start the music you will need to let the AV know this otherwise music will start when you freeze in position on the dance floor. Your location needs to be confirmed with AV.

Your music must be “Radio Playable” - clean music only.

You will be judged on Crowd interaction, interaction with Judges (could be a bonus), Choreography, and Complexity. We want you to have fun.

Dancers in full suit will be performing first followed by partial suits.

We will award 1st and 2nd place by the judges, There are Emcee’s Favorite and Audience Favorite awards also.