Birmingham, AL

Dealer's Den

This page will be updated as necessary to bring you the latest available information concerning the Dealer's Den. Please read the contents of this page fully. Vendors are responsible with complying with all the terms and conditions contained herein. Once registered as a vendor, the Dealer Den Coordinator, will keep in contact with you via email.

Vendor Rules and Regulations

Welcome to FangCon. We are glad to have you as a vendor, helping to bring a better con experience to all. If you have any questions regarding anything you read on this page, please contact the Dealer Den Coordinator at

In order to provide enough tables for all the vendors, please reserve your spaces as soon as possible. Once the dealer den is sold out, that is it.

To participate in the Dealer's Den, you must be pre-registered. After registering, contact Dealer Den Coordinator at with the number of tables you want to reserve and a brief description of what you'll be selling. the Dealer Den Coordinator will reply to you confirming the availability of the tables and will provide you the total due to reserve your space and the Fangcon PayPal email address to send your payment.

All vendors shall hold FangCon harmless and are responsible for any unpaid sales taxes, penalties, or fines that may occur as a result of participating as a vendor. Final payments for vendor spaces will be calculated and sent to you via email for payment. Dealers must be registered and paid no later than 60 days prior to the first day of Fangcon. In order to better serve ALL vendors, no dealer registration will be accepted after this date in order to have everything prepared and in order upon your arrival. Please wear your badges at all times for proper identification.

Sales Tax Information

All Dealers must have their own AL Tax number, paid registration, paid the table charge to be considered to be a dealer. (non refundable) Hotel charges us for the tables so we pass that cost on to the dealers.

Table Information

Tables in the dealer den are approximately 72"x36". Please coordinate your booth accordingly. Extra tables will not be available after the dealer den registration has closed.

Table Costs are as follows:

  • One table - $65
  • Two tables - $110 (Save $20)
  • Three tables - $160 (Save $35)
  • four or more tables - Please Email Us (

Electricity - $10 additional charge

Space Availability and Electricity

FangCon shall endeavor to make as much space available to the vendors as possible while taking care not to violate any fire or safety codes as required by the fire Fire Marshall of Birmingham, AL. Vendors are responsible to keep all items within the confines of their booth space and maintain clear isle space.

Tables are aligned along the walls with some tables set up in the center section of the room also. Our Dealer den has grown in size and may grow again before the con happens. All efforts to supply electricity will be made, but outlet space is limited. If you require electricity, please note this when registering. Vendors will be required to supply their own extension cords and are responsible for their use. Cords may not cross aisle space. This will have to be cleared with hotel staff and may not be allowed. If this is allowed, the vendor must use blue painter's tape to fasten the cord down. Do NOT use Duct Tape as this will damage the carpeting. The vendor is responsible for any damages (direct or consequential) that may result from use of an extension cord, including damage to the carpeting as a result of using the wrong type of tape.

Merchandise Display

This applies to the Artist Alley also. Tasteful display of merchandise is desired. No illegal items may be sold or displayed. It is incumbent upon the vendor to know what is legally allowed at the con site by the state of Alabama, City of Birmingham. No sale or display of porngraphy, or any items that may require FangCon to obtain special license or permit to allow on the premises. Adult art, properly protected from minors, is allowed. Items that may be ultra violent or sexually explicit must be kept from minors at all times. Such items must be kept in separate binders or boxes and shown only to adults upon request.

Pirated materials are not allowed to be sold at the convention at any time. FangCon may request that items that come into question be shown to have proof of availability for resale or such items may have to be taken down until such proof becomes available. Vendors hold FangCon harmless for any violation of Copyright laws that may occur. Resale of used items or collections is permissible. Vendors who normally sell such items in the operation of their business will be allowed to do so. Sale of weapons or potentially dangerous items that are pre-approved by the Dealer Den supervisor is allowed, however such items must be peace bonded or made harmless and must be immediately removed to the protection of a private vehicle upon purchase. The purchaser may request accompaniment of a security person for transport of any item to their vehicle if desired. The vendor is responsible for any injury or damage as the result of handling such items at the convention.
No fur taken from a living creature is to be sold in the Dealer Den. This is not what we are about.

Dealers need to have a Alabama Tax number and are required to collect and report their taxes in a timely manner.

Electrical Connection

The cost for this is $10. to plug in per booth. You can use a power strip but any other booths using that power strip are expected to the cost also.

Booths and tables only along the walls will (most likely be supplied with Electrical.

Hours of Operation


9:00AM - Noon Vendor Setup (Vendor and Assistants Only allowed into the Dealer Den)
Noon - 6PM Dealer Den Open.

***Note*** Dealer Den will shut down for about 30 minutes at some point Friday so that all attendees, vendors & staff may attend Opening Ceremonies. Dealer Den will be locked and secure during this time.


Dealer room open at 9 am for vendor preparation.

Dealer Den open to attendees from 10-6


Dealer room open at 9 am for vendor preparation.

Dealer Den open to attendees from 10-5