Birmingham, AL

DJ Application

The hunt for Fangcon 2016 DJs has begun!
This year, there are some changes to be made!
Firstly, do to complications of working around DJ Dadius's show on Saturday night, DJs will not be scheduled after him. Instead, there will be an open stage co-op mix following his show.
Secondly, at current time, we are following identical DJ schedule as last year for the main stage, however there is a possibility we can have longer raves each night, which means a possibility of more DJs or longer sets.
Lastly, we will be presenting headliners now! DJ Charlie will be choosing a DJ or Djs to get special promotion and have the opportunity (tho not required) to do something special for their set.

If you are at all interested in DJing at Fangcon 2016, fill out this DJ Application completely and email it to DJ Charlie via the given email address within. Also, feel free to let him know of any questions or concerns you may have.

Click Here to get the form