Birmingham, AL

Reminder - Code of Conduct

As we prepare for Fangcon 2015 less than three weeks away, we want to remind everyone of our Code of Conduct.

You can find our Code of Conduct here:

Many of you are likely aware of the spate of recent events where a few furries have caused big problems at well-known conventions. Oklacon, a long-running outdoor furry convention in Oklahoma, was recently cancelled permanently due to the Oklahoma state park system refusing to allow the event to take place. That action was a direct result of a few convention attendees who disregarded the rules and the law. Rainfurrest, a large furry convention in Seattle, was put in the difficult position of having to eject five convention goers due to misconduct including wearing BDSM gear in public and vandalizing property. The few individuals involved caused problems so significant that Rainfurrest posted a public letter on their website detailing the situation.

We expect all Fangcon attendees to have fun while adhering to the Code of Conduct. As much as we wish it weren't the case, it is entirely possible for just one person to ruin a convention for everyone. When that happens, it puts the entire furry community in a negative light. That in turn makes it much more difficult to find and keep a venue. We rely on all of our attendees to make sure Fangcon continues to be a great experience and that our hotel will want us back again next year. If you see something that you don't think is right, please report it to convention staff immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope that you have a great time at Fangcon 2015!