Birmingham, AL

Hotel Rooms Now Available

Our Room block is now open Our Room block code is Fang16 and you can contact the hotel by contacting them directly at the Hilton Perimeter Park Hotel Front Desk at 205 972 1141 or you can book online

Rooms are just $109.00 a night.

Our Room block is smaller this year and we do not not if they will expand the room block once we fill it.

DJ Application

The hunt for Fangcon 2016 DJs has begun!
This year, there are some changes to be made!
Firstly, do to complications of working around DJ Dadius's show on Saturday night, DJs will not be scheduled after him. Instead, there will be an open stage co-op mix following his show.
Secondly, at current time, we are following identical DJ schedule as last year for the main stage, however there is a possibility we can have longer raves each night, which means a possibility of more DJs or longer sets.
Lastly, we will be presenting headliners now! DJ Charlie will be choosing a DJ or Djs to get special promotion and have the opportunity (tho not required) to do something special for their set.

If you are at all interested in DJing at Fangcon 2016, fill out this DJ Application completely and email it to DJ Charlie via the given email address within. Also, feel free to let him know of any questions or concerns you may have.

Click Here to get the form

FangCon 2016 Announcement

Dear past, current and future attendees of Fangcon,
I hope by this time you may have heard of the difficulty we have been having with the hotel in Knoxville, TN. We attempted to secure a date with them for 2016 right after the con had concluded. The hotel put us off even though the local football schedule was already posted. We found out later this is what many hotels in the local Knoxville area do. They look for groups with bigger numbers so they can charge a higher price for the rooms (sometimes 3 and 4 times the amount we paid.) This year the football schedule only left a few open weekends for groups like ours.
We hit all the local hotels in Knoxville and the ones that either turned us down either were too costly for us,or hotel sleeping room cost was too high or had a no room parties or con suite rules.
The Airport Hilton strung us out for over a month. We even sent some of our local Knoxville staff there to check out the hotel. This ended up as we thought it might a TSA issue so no fursuiting outside a confined area of the hotel. For 2016 Knoxville is out. We tried Dollywood resort and they were too small for us meeting space wise. We ran into this quite a bit in other hotels also later on.

We checked back with Nashville and like years before the hotels there were booked. This also happened with Chattanooga too. We ran out of hotels in Central and Eastern TN. We were able to get a lead on a hotel that would host us. It seemed like a long shot. But it also looked like it might be a good idea to host the con here for 2016 and then see about moving Fangcon to a different time of year in the Knoxville area. So with that said we have moved forward and are working toward a contact with a new location of our hotel. We were hoping to settle this contract before Furry Fiesta but contracts can be difficult. But it is getting close enough that we need to announce it so we can promote at TFF.

Our hotel for Fangcon 2016 will be the Hilton Hotel, Perimeter Park Birmingham, AL. I know this will come as a disappointment to many attendees but this is the same issue we ran into after our first year of the con when we started it up in Nashville, It became too late into the year to find good options for hotel space. So it is either wait till 2017 and not have con this year or make the best of it and see how well we do in Birmingham, AL.

Now about the hotel. The Hilton Hotel, Perimeter Park is on the Southern Park of is in an upper scale area so all that looks good. We have good terms on the contract so if the attendance takes a dip we should be able to weather the storm. We also have some perks but we will talk about those as they are worked out. We are making sweet lemonade out of the lemons were given.

Some attendees asked how we were going to top that RV fire we had last year. I think this is it! We can get through this a still have a great convention. We are updating the Fangcon webpage so look for more information soon.

Fangcon 2015 Wrapup

Thank you everyone for making 2015 Fangcon's biggest and bestest yet! We had 427 attendees (up from 302 last year) and 137 fursuiters in the fursuit parade (up from 93 last year). We appreciated your patience as we worked to settle in to the new hotel and recover from some of our materials lost in a motor home fire Wednesday before the convention. The hotel night security staff praised the behavior of our group as one of the most well-behaved groups they have hosted in their hotel. Additionally, a wedding happened to take place on the same weekend and, after seeing what being furry is really about, they requested some fursuiters for their wedding photos.

Even as we pack up from Fangcon 2015, we are already at work planning Fangcon 2016 to be even bigger and better. Let us hear any suggestions you have by contacting us! We will also be sending an email survey to everyone that attended and chose to allow email updates from Fangcon.

Reminder - Code of Conduct

As we prepare for Fangcon 2015 less than three weeks away, we want to remind everyone of our Code of Conduct.

You can find our Code of Conduct here:

Many of you are likely aware of the spate of recent events where a few furries have caused big problems at well-known conventions. Oklacon, a long-running outdoor furry convention in Oklahoma, was recently cancelled permanently due to the Oklahoma state park system refusing to allow the event to take place. That action was a direct result of a few convention attendees who disregarded the rules and the law. Rainfurrest, a large furry convention in Seattle, was put in the difficult position of having to eject five convention goers due to misconduct including wearing BDSM gear in public and vandalizing property. The few individuals involved caused problems so significant that Rainfurrest posted a public letter on their website detailing the situation.

We expect all Fangcon attendees to have fun while adhering to the Code of Conduct. As much as we wish it weren't the case, it is entirely possible for just one person to ruin a convention for everyone. When that happens, it puts the entire furry community in a negative light. That in turn makes it much more difficult to find and keep a venue. We rely on all of our attendees to make sure Fangcon continues to be a great experience and that our hotel will want us back again next year. If you see something that you don't think is right, please report it to convention staff immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope that you have a great time at Fangcon 2015!

Pre-reg bonuses!

We are offering up some special benefits to those who pre-register!

All those who pre register for Fangcon will get a Tzologist Print. This will be made for those who pre-reg so it will be based on those numbers alone. We will post this as soon as Tzologist puts that together for us to show to you.

We will be also be offering up a drawing for one Intellivision Flash back that will be giving out at Opening Ceremonies. Everyone who pre-registered, pre-paid, and are present at Opening Ceremonies will be able to enter the drawing.

Sponsor level and up get access to the Cherokee Red Beer keg. This is the same tasty beer we had last year.

We will be adding more as we finalize items for this year's Fangcon. Stay tuned!


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